The value of PlanIT to your business

Regardless of size, every organization needs a communication network that adequately addresses their business requirements. With a custom, boutique approach, PlanIT Network has the ability to provide a wide array of telecom and infrastructure services to each of its clients. Specializing in both Cloud and premise based applications, we offer expertise in network design and implementation as well as telecommunication platforms. PlanIT provides a single contact as your trusted resource for cutting through the technology noise and reaching your goals.

PlanIT services includes the following:

+ Utilizing in-depth assessment measures, PlanIT can assist with options and decisions on structured cabling requirements, network infrastructure solutions and streamlined planning for transitioning existing systems to current, more feature-rich technology.

+ Proper network design and planning can mean reliable performance of your infrastructure. PlanIT provides all aspects of network implementation, including preventative monitoring techniques which enable PlanIT to discover and quickly resolve potential issues, minimizing impact to your business operations.

+ Knowledge of a wide variety of telecommunication systems, including Skype for Business, IP and Hybrid solutions, PlanIT can effectively service, update or support your existing systems.

+ Evaluation of your current telecom call handling configurations allows us to streamline call flows, record professional voice greetings, and provide the most efficient automated attendant scenarios to your incoming callers.

The vast world of technology hardware, software and Cloud offerings leaves many questions as to the best solutions to employ. PlanIT approaches each client individually, delving into your most vital business requirements, future projections and budget considerations to match your organization to the most appropriate applications available. With knowledge of a wide variety of platforms such as Skype for Business, Samsung, Avaya, Nortel, Shortel, 3Com as well as hosted solutions, PlanIT can be a valuable business resource to your organization.

If you are seeking guidance with all, or part, of your infrastructure plan, PlanIT can be your source for reliable, professional expertise. Call us toll-free (800-906-3884) for a no-cost, no obligation discussion about your specific challenges. Providing individualized attention, comprehensive planning and seamless execution, PlanIT can be your resource for navigating the evolving world of business technology.

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