Changes Facing 3Com Phone System Users

So, you have a 3Com NBX 100 or V3000 phone system?  It has been serving you well for years, and essentially you have no problems with it day to day.  Why would you consider replacing it??

Probably the biggest concern facing 3Com users this year is the announcement by HP to put these systems into ‘end of life’ status as of July, 2012.  So, what exactly does ‘end of life’ mean to you and your business?

While for now, PlanIT will still be able to support your 3Com system and even provide some phones and select components in the event of failure, HP will no longer sell or produce product licenses for these systems.  For those of you already using the 3100 series 3Com phones, you know that Group 1 and Group 2 licenses are required to activate the phones.  Also, those using the ACD features of the system will no longer have the ability to add agent licenses.  If your business was planning expansion by the addition of another office, the necessary VTL licenses will also be unavailable.

Essentially, the status of your system as of July 2012, will determine your ability for growth and change within your 3Com system going forward.  For this reason, we are urging  3Com users to consider their business path, and evaluate potential needs into the foreseeable future.  By purchasing a few licenses in advance, or ensuring that your unit is upgraded to the latest possible version, users may be able to avoid business interruption or the need to make hasty transitions to a new telephony system.

While the ultimate goal should be to replace your current system with one of sustainability, we are committed to assisting users who wish to continue using their 3Com NBX or V3000 units for as long as possible.  If you have questions or would like to discuss you specific business requirements, please visit our support page and request contact, or reach out to us toll free at any time!

We appreciate the opportunity to be of service.

Web Editor – PlanIT Networks, Inc.




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